Collaborate With LANCEMADE®

This opportunity is for you if..

📷 You are a content creator (blog, Instagram, YouTube etc.)
🌿 Your niche is hair care, self care, lifestyle or something else you love.

We are a community of hair enthusiasts who believe in setting realistic hair goals and achieving them. We love collaborating with talented content creators. If you are into hair care, know you make a great fit already.

Once you're a part of the fam, we help customizing your hair care routine for the best growth + retention rate you've ever experienced.



📦 Gift supply of LANCEMADE® infused oil for your hair growth journey on a regular basis, usually shipped from our freshest weekly batches.

💆 Content/Affiliate partnership: We guide you as you grow and retain your lengths to the fullest potential or achieve that goal-thickness of your ponytail. You share your genuine length updates with your audience (monthly, quarter-yearly, half yearly or as you prefer) along with your hair care routines/experiments featuring the product & other hair care ideas that worked for you like a hit. 

💵 Paid projects: As we see some traction, you will be eligible for paid awareness campaigns planned by the brand - to spread a word and encourage fellow people focus on their scalp health & grow out their hair with us, growing as a community. We also hire interns & pay other talents for create digital content for us.

🛍️ Sponsored giveaways/contests: Celebrating a special milestone, or planning a giveaway for some organic reach? Email us with your rough plan at We would love to sponsor the gifts if you're a good fit for the brand.

Note: As a homegrown brand, we are against engaging in paid projects* with content creators or anyone otherwise for reviews or biased opinion. The business adheres to the ethical marketing pledge. We strongly believe 'The person comes before the sale.'