How to use?

1. The Classic Indian Method

A few drops on the scalp and the lengths concentrating on the ends on dry or 80% dry hair, before styling into braids or bun. A protective style is your friend if you're aiming for length and density retention. You may repeat the application to nourish your hair as many times as you want whenever your hair feels frizzy.

2. Pre-Shampoo Treatment (Prepoo)

Saturate your hair generously with Lancemade from roots to ends, performing a quick scalp massage. You can leave the infusion to perform overnight or it could be allowed to sit on the scalp for only an hour before washing. We suggest this procedure to our clients experiencing dehydrated hair and breakage. The bio-actives penetrate every strand intensely and add abundant slip and moisture with every treatment.

3. Moisture Lock Seal

For my 2a, straight fine hair, I use only 6 drops post wash on the lengths when my hair is 70% dry. The rich moisturizing oils soften each hair strand perfectly and protect my hair from dehydration. For shorter hair, I suggest using even less to prevent weighing down.

4. Deep Conditioning Mask

Add a spoon full to your deep conditioner and see the miracle happen. The infusion can boost your DIY hair masks 100X in terms of sealing in the hydration and nutrients.

5. Detangling Spray

We add 6 drops to a 100 ml bottle of pure water/rose water, and this makes an excellent detangling spray when you want some moisture without going heavy on oiling. Shake well before spraying to distribute the goodness.