Our Story

Our journey started as a humble brand, infusing premium batches for limited clientele from the long hair community. Since 2013, we have grown online, and we are loved by thousands worldwide.


Our signature formula.

Today, LANCEMADE® is a holy grail of hair enthusiasts, allowing them to reach new heights with maximum growth and length retention. The growth wasn't just faster, but the strands softened like silk, and the overall quality of hair and scalp dramatically improved in every hair type.

As a trade secret, our slow infusion technique allowed the high potent, wildly crafted botanicals to seep in more beautifully in our base, without heat.


Our trademark.

In early 2022, the government of India approved and registered our trademark LANCEMADE® and we switched from our previous name (mabh). 


Frequently asked questions.

Does LANCEMADE® contain minoxidil? What are the ingredients?

For a formula that achieves maximum growth & extreme retention of the length gained, we get this question asked a lot. Lancemade® does NOT contain minoxidil or any other man-made ingredient. Our formula is trade secret, cold processed, and freshly bottled every week to help it remain premium.

Discover the ingredients here: https://lancemade.com/pages/ingredients


How do I use LANCEMADE® at home?

One application is all it takes for Lancemade® to become a requisite part of your hair journey.
A dime-sized as your daily leave-in, generously as your overnight scalp repair treatment, a few drops stirred into your deep conditioner, or as your quick pre-poo for your dehydrated hair to drink up all the moisture, Lancemade® leaves your hair dramatically healthier with every use, achieving maximum length retention & irresistible softness.

How to shop LANCEMADE® online? Price?

Lancemade® is priced at Rs.499 per 100 ml bottle with free shipping in India. Kindly place your order at https://lancemade.com/ or drop us a WhatsApp message with your name and complete postal address at +919043857295. We shall generate an order for you.

For wholesale orders (we mostly export) and product inquiries, feel free to share your questions. We would be glad to help!


How is the texture of LANCEMADE® like?

The light golden hue and the incredible slip are the first two things people notice and feel about LANCMADE® normally.

Its texture is light and loved by our regular clientele worldwide. You can slather a few drops for an instant boost of moisture before styling your hair into braids or buns.

Note: We achieve a weightless texture through our unique, heatless cold-infusion technique. (Heat thickens the oil and nullifies the bio-actives)


I am prone to headaches. Is this infusion scented?

There is no particular fragrance (*no added scents) however, the infusion carries a faint fragrance like that of a herb garden which is subtle and refreshing to your senses.

We avoid botanicals with heavy notes and common allergies to help the formula remain sensitive-scalp safe. The formula is very mild that is safe for children. If you're concerned about a particular ingredient, please let us know.