Stepping into our rapturous second decade, Lancemade is a small, independent hair care company located on the outskirts of Chennai city in India.



By formulating our signature oil in a class by itself 'slow-infusion method', I made a huge leap in my hair journey and gained lustrous length in recent years which I once thought was unachievable. I thought I hit my terminal length at waist but went on to reach thigh length with a fuller hemline.

From thin, damaged hair that had coppery discoloration due to abuse to my jet glossy Disney princess hair today - it has been a thrilling journey. Over time, hair starts to feel like an emotion for me, as it impacts many aspects of my lifestyle other than just the aesthetic appeal.

I live better because of my hair.



I teach people on how to build their natural hair routine centered on improving scalp health by oil treatments, while also focusing on other efficacious length-retention strategies and habits. It works regardless of your genetics.

Our combined goal is achieving evident progress in terms of length, volume and gloss for every hair type, on a month-by-month basis tracking through photographs.

I measure the success of my work when you're my client and you're walking in a mall and people around you stop to ask you..

'What are you putting on your hair?'



As of 2024, we are a single product business - means we focus on our only hit without commercialising the business and we do not outsource or chance our formula even by a fractional percentage. The formula is the hero and it remains consistent throughout the years.

Each bottle is infused and bottled with care and dedication in our production room, My family has been immensely supportive since 2013 when I was a little girl who just formulated her first batch. They keep my spark alive. 

We are proud to ship our products to customers worldwide!

With love,
Lanceek Cv
Owner, Lancemade®