About Us

Founded in December of 2013 by C.V.Lanceek (previously operated under the name mabh, with our store www.mabh.in), we rebranded to the brand name Lancemade as we celebrated our trademark registration approval from the Government of India. Lancemade® is a trademark today and we are more than grateful!

Our signature product, the Lancemade Slow Infused Oil was born from my experience - something that helped my fine, 2a, damage-prone hair to grow past my thighs after it was stalled at waist length for several years.

My hair journey is one of the favorite life experiences. 

As a teenage woman, I developed a passion for long, dense tresses. Every other product in the market I fancied and tried ruined my sensitive scalp. Those were the times I believed a shampoo would make my hair 3 feet longer in 3 months, just like the model on the television commercial promised.

Then I educated myself on proper hair care, read about black women going natural (without wanting to straighten their hair) and joined the long hair community.

A day back in 2011, I finally went natural - means, I use no artificial chemicals on my hair. Over the years, I developed our family's protected formula into something more nutrient-rich with plant derived vitamins. I saw drastic improvements in my hair's texture and growth.

A decade later, I still am enthusiastic about hair science. I love growing out my hair and help people grow out theirs. Be it coiled, straight or wavy, the moment we love our hair, our lifestyle takes this massive shift - towards self love, our eating habits and the way we carry yourself.

I'd love to welcome you to the Lancemade family. 


Lance aka Lanceek Cv