Our Story

Ms.Lance aka Lanceek Cv found Lancemade, previously known as mabh, in 2013, after being let down by the toxin-laden products in the hair care market that hardly helped her grow out her fine, 2a hair beyond a length.

As an ardent hair enthusiast, she devotedly learned hair science to aid her hair growth journey and formulated the Lancemade oil which now sells to hair-lovers across the country who believe in setting realistic hair goals, just like we do!

Meet the Founder

As a teenager, I believed the hair commercials that promised 'zero hair shed' only to grow up and realize we are not humanoid robots.

Now I know there's going to be shed, which is natural.

Now I know no magic potion in the market is going to make your hair grow three feet in three months.

Why Lancemade?

There had to be a solution. Something that actually works to improve the health of the scalp and in turn, the quality of the hair. Something that would help us get back the lost hair growth rate which our grandmothers flaunted with pride.

There had to be a formula that works on the hair follicles by creating a growth-friendly environment in the scalp. Something that would also help with 'hair retention' which many of us are not aware of.

Hair Stereotypes

The moment our hair is stuck in the same length, or begins to lose thickness.. 

We assume our hair stops growing. 

We assume trimming the hair would fasten the growth.

We feel helpless and we end up resorting to toxins like minoxidil.

Our Mission

Lancemade's mission is to debunk all such hair myths and stereotypes that keep people from growing out their beautiful hair to its fullest potential.

With my formula and a holistic approach towards hair care, my hair is now at knee-length which I may or may not trim back to thigh or classic in 2021.

I also am one small, happy entrepreneur with my clients coming back to me to share their hair stories on how many inches they had grown their hair since adapting to the Lancemade routine and the lifestyle habits suggested by us.