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    I am Lance, a long hair enthusiast. I teach my clientele to build their hair routine and reach their maximum length & density potential, without introducing harmful chemicals into their life & body. Read more about my work and vision here on our story.

  • What sets up apart?

    Brands often purchase products in bulk from third parties and store them in their warehouse for years.

    We, as a small business are committed to make weekly fresh batches. We source only 'grade A' herbs & oils, that are of export quality. We do not outsource our formula or making. From scratch, we vouch for the hygiene and efficacy of the formula. You walk into our stock room and you're instantly hit by this calming, irresistible aroma. We can't wait to set up our virtual store for your access.



Let me help you build your hair growth routine.

  1. Be it waist, tailbone, classic or knee length, setting a goal length or density should be the first step. Doing so helps you reach it.
  2. Wanting to maintain shoulder length with a thicker hemline & gloss is also a goal. It doesn't have to be just length.
  3. Regrowth on patchy areas of hair loss is also a goal. Challenging yes, not impossible in several cases. We use highly potent herbs infused in the right ratio.

    You don't gain proper length without retaining your volume. Read it again. I will explain in a detailed post soon.

Why Lancemade?

  • Over 13 years in the long hair community, this is the only formula that has worked the best for me in terms of growth rate & length maintenance. No other custom oil even came close. And I like to assume I have the most sensitive scalp on the planet.
  • In my experience, herb infused oils stimulate growth & coat lengths better compared to plain base oils, especially when they're infused without heat.
  • My oiling ritual involves this one single formula and I follow these long hair basics. These helped my achieve my goal length. I want you to achieve your goal length too!

Genetics or haircare?

I would call it an undeniable fact that some people get it easy with their genetics passed down. Here I talk about things like individual hair strand thickness and tensile strength. But even they've to care to retain their length, they only get it easier, not all easy.

If you're not genetically gifted, it's still possible to grow out long, lush hair. You need a little practice & dedication. And lots of love for your own hair.

Our hair cycles are mysterious beyond research, yet functional in every human. You just have to trigger it. You're not destined to live with bad hair. You just need to care differently.

I don't agree with the statement 'It's all genetics' which discounts the love and effort we put into a hair care lifestyle. It's a common false assumption. Pay attention to your hair, your scalp health, to your body, be on a proper routine for a year - OIL CONSISTENTLY with the right oils and most of you will actually see progress.

Clicking monthly photographs to track your progress will help you stay motivated. 📷

Hard water, the hair destroyer

If you live in a place with a hard water supply and yet with determination to grow out your hair longer, this is my second rule (next to oiling) - switch to soft water. I know for some it's impossible, please keep reading.

My hair texture has never been better after my switch. It reflects in light that people notice.

When this becomes impossible, you can always start with the 'last rinse with drinking water' rule I share with my clients. It still helps and helps a lot. I started this way and switched to soft water eventually.

I thought I was at my 'terminal length', but turns out it's only the hard water. Know your water. It plays an important role in the life of your hair.