Why Slow Infused?

Our trade-secret technique infuses the botanics slower and deeper into the base oils without thermal, chemical or mechanical energy, aiding high potency, bio-active and moisture retention.

We carefully invest in grade I ingredients and plenty of 'time' to cold process our green gold that fills up the stock room with a calming, irrestible aroma.


I have been a regular buyer of this hair oil since past many years. It has reduced my hairfall for sure and gradually improved the hair quality over time. What i also like is the fact that they have kept it simple instead of trying to dabble in too many hair and skin products and losing focus. Also the person behind this product,

Ms. Lance is very prompt to respond which is reassuring. I hope they continue to uphold the standards!!

Rashmi A

I am in love with my hair journey, a must-try product for everyone who is suffering from damaged hair and frizzy ends. Honestly, I recommend some of my friends and they also found it very much useful, worth every penny.

You can order this hair fuel without any additional shipping charges. We are spending lots of our income on hair chemicals to get maximum benefit, but this oil is pure, gentle, and chemical-free give proven results in less investment on your hair.

Sonia Gola

I have been using this hair oil since the last 2 years. I have curly hair. Since many years I had been trying to grow the length of my hair. I had tried many hair oils with zero results.

The smell is amazing and also the hair oil is non sticky. My hair has grown till my lower back. Ms. Lance is doing a great work. This has become my Holy Grail product. I would rate this product at 10/10.

Sneha Shetty.