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LANCEMADE® Slow Infused Oil. For Growth & Maximum Length Retention

LANCEMADE® Slow Infused Oil. For Growth & Maximum Length Retention

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COLD-PROCESSED: The heatless infusion technique seeps botanicals deeper into the base concentrate for weeks without thermal, chemical, or mechanical energy/disturbance, aiding unmatchable potency. The process is entirely manual and involves no artificial energy or ingredients.  [Detailed ingredient list]

WEEKLY BATCHES: We share a passion to resource grade-A (export quality) ingredients and invest plenty of our 'time' to bottle up each drop that fills up the stockroom with a calming, irresistible aroma. We produce only a few hundred bottles at a time, to ensure a consistent quality for our trusted clientele. We mostly export overseas.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Apply a few drops on the scalp, and dry or damp hair to replenish and seal in the hydration with a dreamy slip. Suitable for daily, leave-in, overnight, spa & scalp detox treatments. Gender-neutral and safe for children. [Detailed usage instructions] 

TRACK THE RESULTS: Starting from month 1 of your LANCEMADE® journey, capture photographs of your hair to track the difference in length, volume & texture (gloss). As a hair enthusiast, being able to compare your progress is super motivating because you can actually see the difference.

We love it when you come back to us with the visible feedback. 

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