Love for Earth Program • Free Product for Empties

At Lancemade, each one of our bottles are made from 100% recyclable, BPA-free plastic that has been ethically resourced from our native manufacturer.

Being a part of 'Love for Earth', our recycle program, you can return the empties to us and we assure they won't end up in the land fills, polluting our habitat. 

What's in it for you?

1. Free Product: Upon returning five empties, consumers can own a full-sized bottle of Lancemade oil for free, as a token of love from us. It rakes a minute or two to roll them in old newspapers/paper bags and ship them back to us!

2. Contentment of Giving Back: By taking a step towards keeping our earth greener for longer, you set an example for the next generation of sapiens. Giving, when done right, makes you feel good for your whole self.

Plastic has become an inevitable part of our lives and switching to glass bottles means again producing more carbon and single use plastic waste to cushion the glass for the transit.

We take the most practical, and less deleterious route possible - recycling the plastic - until science discovers a better alternative.


When you place an order with us, your products are carefully wrapped in biodegradable sheets (no bubble wraps) and then placed into a 100% recycled corrugated box that breaks down in soil, which you can either recycle or compost in your garden.

Where does the recycled money go?

The bottles that are returned to us aren't reused, unless otherwise requested by you for re-filling. They're cleaned, and recycled into other products. Once full, the income generated from Lancemade's recycling bin is spent on food and spaying of our homeless canine pals.

Where to send in the empties? 

Villa No 214, 6th Cross Street Extension
Heritage Jayendra Nagar, Sembakkam
Nanmangalam Reserve Forest
PIN: 600073; Phone: +919043857295

Plus code for Google Maps: W5M8+Q8