How to Use Lancemade Infusion?

Lancemade Infusion can be used in your hair journey in many ways.

1. Pre-Shampoo Treatment: 10 ml per application/10 applications per bottle

What do I suggest to a client with a severely dehydrated hair? You may use 5 to 10 ml of the infusion to saturate from roots to ends performing a 2 minute massage. Longer hair could be detangled and loose-braided into a protective style after the procedure. This treatment is best done the previous night of your wash day or you could let the oil sit on your scalp for only an hour.

2. Post Wash Moisture Lock Seal: 5 drops per application/400 applications

This is my one of my favorite ways to use the infusion to soften and protect my hair from dehydration. For my 2a, straight fine hair, I use no more than 6 drops post wash on the lengths when my hair is 70% dry. The infusion is formulated with deeply nourishing sealing oils that soften each hair strand perfectly. 

3. Daily Leave In Oil: 

Indian women's regular way of oiling and braiding their long tresses!