What is unique about Lancemade? 

For us, hair is a lifestyle, a health indicator, a companion. The formula we infuse concentrates on creating an ideal scalp environment, which induces faster growth. The organically derived oils seal in hydration for a better tensile strength and softer strands.

In one line, Lancemade lets you set realistic hair goals and encourages you into learning hair science to break the existing myths of the hair industry.

Can Lancemade stop hair fall?

Unless you're a humanoid robot, no. Hair shedding proves we are mortals with blood and bones but the potion is going to reduce your shed rate and trigger new growth with consistent usage. Unless your shed exceeds 100 strands a day, you should concentrate on growth and retention.

Does Lancemade make hair grow out in the bald scalp?

In most cases, the follicles are either damaged or shrunk, not really dead. In that case, the formula helps the follicles to encourage new growth as it has happened for some of our clients.

Does Lancemade contain Minoxidil?

No. Minoxidil is a life sentence. If you get lucky, the chemical can make your hair grow but the moment you stop using it, all the new growth sheds, sometimes even making your natural hair worse.

We want you to remember us a brand that your hair loves, no something that your hair is addicted to.