mabh is now Lancemade®

100% Edible Ingredients

If you can't eat it, we won't use it. Why leave in something on your scalp that your stomach can't handle? 

At Lancemade, every ingredient is 100% edible and ethically sourced from the hilly black soil farms, away from the polluted cities.

The oil is slow-infused in small batches hygienically, over a period of time before it is freshly bottled for you.

The herbs, seeds and flowers remain raw and potent due to the absence of heat and electricity during the production which could alter their molecular structure.

Shelf life of the Lancemade oil is 12 months from the date of bottling. Once opened, it is advised to use it before 6 months.


What we do NOT use?

1. Preservatives: Phthalates, paraben, formaldahyde and numerous other preservatives are widely used to increase the shelf stability of the products. However, the skin absorbs them and they're proven to harm our lungs, kidneys etc. Some are even carcinogenic.

There are food-grade preservatives which are safer but still not proven fully harmless. Lancemade uses neither. From the beginning, we know this formula will remain 100% preservative for life. We formulate it with a clear conscience every single time.

2. Fillers like mineral oil, petroleum and paraffin: These are majorly used to cut down the production cost of oil based skin and hair care products since natural seed and fruit oils are expensive; more expensive if they're edible-grade.

3. Colorants & Scents: We don't want you to leave in something on your skin that your stomach can't handle. This includes even the food-grade colorants and flavors. Lancemade oil is free from all sort of colors, flavors and scents, even food-grade. The mild olive hue we cherish is achieved by slow infusion.

4. Silicones: A hydrophobic ingredient commonly used in oils, shampoos and hair conditioners to give your hair a slip post-wash. In a long run, it coats the hair strands preventing the moisture, oils and nutrients from penetrating the shaft. This leads to brittle hair, breakage and poor hair retention in a long run. Moreover, silicone buildup in scalp can trigger shedding for many.

5. Animal-derived Ingredients: Lancemade is 100% vegan and free from lanolin, honey, royal jelly, tallow, lard, casein (milk protein) and all the other animal-derived ingredients.